A week in the GLS Preschool Green Room

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By: Miss Bonnie Braselton
Gethsemane Lutheran School’s, Preschool Green room experienced a fun, fantastic and friendly first week of school!
Students in this class are four to five years old and are a busy bunch. We took time to meet new friends by playing games and asking questions, but more than that, we were started becoming a family. Our students helped make up a set of rules for being kind to each other. We all came up with: Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your friends. Be kind to your school.
Jesus Time:
We heard that God made me, He loves me, and He knows my name. We drew self portraits and told something about ourselves. We got to go to chapel in the “big church”.
Music and Movement:
We feel good when we get up and move around. We danced to music and acted silly. We walked the balance beam and jumped to stepping stones. During gym time we played games with our parachute, jogged around the gym and used our scooter boards.
Math and Science:
We constructed waterways by filling pails with water and scooping out rivers in the sand. We got to sort lots of lids by comparing size, shape, color and function. Then we each made a crayon guy or girl out of a crayon box, crayons and lids!

We told about our shape guy and Miss Bonnie wrote down our words. We heard stories and started to figure out who the main characters were, and what the conflict and conflict resolution was.
We love Preschool! What a fun year ahead!

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