Play is a Child’s Work

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Playing with play-dohBy Sharyn Buddenhagen
Do you remember when your child first began to speak? We were so excited to hear those first words yet many mistakes were made as they learned to approximate and improve their speech. We did not mind the mistakes, or worry that they would always talk that way, but instead modeled and praised. Look what chatterboxes they can be now!
Children learn about life by living it. Play gives them opportunities to gain social, emotional, and academic skills. Through discovery, and problem-solving they gain knowledge and competency as they interpret the world around them. Children develop coordination and muscle control that helps them become confident and secure in their actions. Interactive role playing in nurturing structured environments encourage children to develop manners and friendships and learn leadership skills.
Our preschool and pre-K classes at GLS plant and water the seeds offering many opportunities for your child to grow. This invitation to a safe and nurturing balanced environment allows your child to discover his own destiny and learn naturally. Play is a good part of the work children do to accomplish these goals.
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