Grades 6 – 8

Middle School students at Gethsemane thrive in our Christ-centered environment. Gethsemane offers a diverse program with high standards and hands on learning. Our students participate in a variety of exciting activities including field trips and science fairs. Our oldest students look forward to the eighth grade trip which has taken place in locations like San Francisco and Hawaii.

Our students know the value of serving others by participating in food drives, and performing or helping seniors at assisted living homes. Gethsemane middle schoolers participate in flag raising ceremonies, weekly Chapel, and attend a leadership camp every August. Our active learning environment helps students think critically, solve problems analytically, and communicate effectively.


  • Faith Education: Students learn lessons taught from the Bible. They also participate in and take turns leading Chapel. Service Projects are an important part of our faith studies.
  • Languages: Gethsemane offers Spanish.
  • Music: Students can chose to sing in the choir, play an instrument or be a part of the hand bells. Choirs preform in a spring musical such as Godspell.
  • Cooking: A popular elective on healthy cooking and eating that culminates in an Iron Chef competition.
  • Drama: Students are offered this course and have the opportunity to participate in several productions such as Gildersnort.
  • Physical Education: Students get their exercise and enjoy a number of sports from volleyball to archery.
  • Athletics: Students can participate in; flag football, softball, volleyball, basketball, track and field, cross country and archery.
  • Science: Students are required to take life science and earth science. They can also participate in electives like Rocketry and Forensic Science where the class concludes in a CSI mystery.
  • Extra Curricular: There are a variety of extra curricular activities offered including archery club.

2015 8th Grade Class remembers the great times they had at Gethsemane Lutheran School.