Making your private education FREE in Arizona

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How much are you paying for your child’s private education?

Did you know a number of families here at Gethsemane don’t pay a dime for their child’s tuition.

Tax credit organizations in Arizona like ALSO and ACSTO make this possible and you can take advantage of them.


Every year these organizations give away thousands of dollars to children to help pay for private education.

STOs (School Tuition Organization) like ALSO and ACSTO are a dollar for dollar tax credit against the Arizona State income tax.

It might sound like it is too good to be true.

You might have asked a family member who owes Arizona state tax to donate and had to explain this is not some kind of scam.

ALSO and ACSTO are real and they work for you.

These organizations provide tax credits, not a deduction.

What that means is nearly every dollar you donate comes back to you or goes toward your state income tax, plus you can count the donation towards your federal income tax.

Unfortunately, not even half of the families at our school have signed up to receive this money.

Signing up is not difficult and only takes a few minutes.

You can even donate to someone in your child’s class right now.

Make sure you sign up today. Here are the links to ALSO and ACSTO.

If you have questions call about how the STOs work call email Jeff Heisner,

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