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Through research one thing we know about schools like ours is that you, our parents, are the best marketing tool we have. By sharing your good experiences, the blessings you have felt and the ways you have seen God work in our school and through your children, you help us to reach new families.

The Gators' girls basketball team prays together after their  game against Shepherd of the Desert.
The Gators’ girls basketball team prays together after their game against Shepherd of the Desert.

Here are a few ways you can continue to help us spread the word:

Write a review and share your story on:

Social Media:

We all know there is power in social media. Simply sharing, liking or commenting on something we have posted on Facebook or re-tweeting something on Twitter can help us reach thousands.

Tell your friends and bring them to our school. Invite them to join us at our Block Party, an Open House or you can simply bring them with you to drop off or pick-up. We all know our family centered environment is something you can see and feel as you walk our campus. Introduce your friends to Principal Kemper, Teachers and Students.

Share your financial story. Was your child’s tuition paid for with help from ACSTO or ALSO? Share what a blessing tax credit scholarships can be to families who are afraid they can’t afford a private school.

Preschool and Pre-K Children sing at the 11am church service.
Preschool and Pre-K Children sing “This Little Light of Mine” at the 11am church service.

Research also tells us the number one way to keep amazing families like yours at our school is through excellent communication. This is something we are always working hard at, but if you feel it could be better or have a specific issue you need to discuss, please reach out to us.
Principal Lorna Kemper:
Pastor Troy Schmidt:

Thank you for all you do for our school, for your loyalty and your prayers for our small school. We love our GLS families!

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