You Can Afford Gethsemane

At Gethsemane Christian Academy, we believe the cost of tuition should not be a deterrent to families who desire a quality Christian education experience for their children. We are committed to reviewing tuition rates each year and consistently rank near or below the median of other Christian schools in our area. We understand, however, that tuition is a significant expenditure for many families.

GCA is affordable thanks to tax credit scholarship opportunities available to all students. Our commitment is to take full advantage of all school tuition scholarship programs offered through the individual and corporate tax credit programs within the state. Our financial aid program is designed to help bridge the tuition gap between what a family can afford, and what it actually costs to attend Gethsemane Lutheran School.

We are more than happy to provide one-on-one time with you to ensure that you understand all possible avenues available to you in order to afford to pay for your children to reach their unique potential. Please call Kristina Arnold at (480) 839-0906 or email to inquire about financial programs that make it possible for ALL students to attend our school.

In order to receive any discounts or financial assistance please complete the following form:  Financial Assistance App 2018-2019

Listed below are links to several Individual Tax Credit School Tuition Organizations that reward scholarships to students in private schools. More than 77% of our students receive Tax Credit Scholarships, 35% fully fund their students’ private Christian education using organizations like ALSO and ACSTO, with no out of pocket expense.


Arizona Lutheran Scholarship Organization (ALSO)
Three award cycles: Summer, fall and spring.
Distributes 93% of donated funds recommending a student or school.

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO)
Three award cycles: Summer, fall and spring.
Summer applications are good for the entire year, but you may apply separately for fall and/or spring if you missed the summer cycle.
Distributes 92% of donated funds recommending a student or school.

School Choice Arizona

Tuition Organization for Private Schools
Quarterly awards: February, May, August and November.
Rolling application deadlines: Must be received by the 15th of the month prior to awards.

Institute for Better Education
First round of awards in April.
Applications received after the first award cycle are considered throughout the year.
Awards are split in half and distributed to schools at the beginning of each semester.


Higher Education STO
School Choice Arizona